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Birgit Embaló, PhD

Coordenadora do Núcleo de Pesquisa Interdisciplinar sobre Conflitos e Construção da Paz na África Ocidental

Nacionalidade: Alemã

Habilitações Académicas: Doutorada em Ciência Culturais e Políticas (do Médio Oriente)

E-mail: bembalo@gmx.net, Mobile Phone: 00245-966870478, 00245-955424520


Language skills


German (native tongue), English & Portuguese (very good), Arabic (good), French (good); Creolo (vernacular of Guinea-Bissau, very good)
Academic Degrees
PhD, Doctor of Philosphy, 1996; Cultural Science/ Oriental Science, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany 
M.A., Magister Artium, 1986, Cultural Science / Oriental Science, Political Science (International and Development Policy), Islamic / Near & Middle Eastern Studies, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany
Post-qualification training courses / learning activities:
German Church Development Service (EED) & INVENT/ German Development Agency, Bonn, Germany: Training Centre for Development Specialist, intensive training in project management, intercultural work, regional studies, work in tropical areas, language training, 03-06 2003; 
CIAL Language School, Lisbon, Portugal: Portuguese General language course, intermediate, 07-08 2003
FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Senior Researcher, Coordinator of the Working Group on Conflict and  Peacebuilding in West Africa, International Consultant, INEP Bissau
TIME:     09/ 2015 ongoing
EMPLOYER:     Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisa, INEP, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Duties and accomplishments:

Continuation of previous works at INEP, 2003-2012, senior researcher in political science, anthropology, social sciences and cultural studies, project design and management. Main research interest in conflict and peacebuilding in West Africa, particularly mechanisms of local conflict  management; Security Sector Reform, Islam in West Africa; coordination of new working group on conflict and peacebuilding at INEP since October 2015. Project design & proposals for the reactivation of the INEP, projects with the National Reconciliation Commission, UNIOGBIS, consultancies.
Most recent consultancy, December 2015: “Ageing in Africa. Country Study Guinea-Bissau”, with Fode Mane, Marilia Lima, Boaventura Santy Vaz, Isis Semedo da Costa, for United Nations Economic Commission of Africa (UNECA), Addis Abbeba;
Most recent article (submitted for publication at Uppsala University, Centre of African Studies, 8 January 2016): “From Cabral’s liberation movement to the abyss of power struggle and ideological erosion: The Decline of the PAIGC in Guinea-Bissau”.

FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Conflict Analysis Expert, International Consultant, UNDP Bissau
TIME:     01-06/ 2015
EMPLOYER:     UNDP Guinea-Bissau
Duties and accomplishments:
Conflict Analysis of Guinea-Bissau for the Peace Building Fund / PBSO for understanding the underlying causes and consequences of violent conflict as well as the dynamics supporting or undermining peace efforts in a transition situation
Status: concluded
Outcome: final analytical framework of conflict analysis for PBF
FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Rule of Law and Security Sector Consultant, UNIOGBIS Bissau
TIME:     11-12/20111; 06-07/2013; 12/2013 – 04/2014
EMPLOYER:     UNIOGBIS Guinea-Bissau
Duties and accomplishments:
Review of  Rule of Law and SSR relevant documents and reports,  actualizing and adapting 2006 National SSR Strategy Document, draft new proposal; liaise with national counterparts, preparation of SSR conference documents;
Updating and compilition of SSR reports in relation to workshops, training, conferences held and organized by ROLSI, including documenting of change, actions, results;
Preparation and drafting of  "Survey and Impact Assessment Report on UNIOGBIS SSR work" (Defense, Security, DDR,  Justice  components and sector wide  SSR Governance) for the period 2010 – April 2014;
Assist in ensuring WACI mainstreaming into holistic SSR by analyzing plans to combat Transnational Crime and Drug Trafficking within the scope of WACI and national Operation Plan;
Related Accomplishments:
Played a leading role in the complete revision and structural modification of the Security Sector Reform Strategy  Document of Guinea-Bissau (2006), joint analysis with SSR Unit at UNIOGBIS and national counterparts; 
Drafted proposal of New SSR Strategy Document, based on comprehensive approach to SSR, which is intended as core strategy document of Guinea-Bissau´s Security Sector Reform at upcoming National and International SSR Conferences. Document is aligned with National Poverty Reduction Strategy (DENARP II);
Elaborated working plans and templates for SSR workshop (6 days, held in December 2013) and upcoming  SSR Conference (postponed due to electoral process to May 2014);
Prepared drafting of UNIOGBIS SSR survey and impact assessment report (2010-April 2014) through document analysis, data review, interviews with UNIOGBIS personnel, National SSR Steering Committee and targeted population; participant observation at Bissau Model Police Station and Access to Justice Centre, both supported and working with UN assistance; desk study included analysis of implementation status of  PBF funded  projects and  Peace-building strategy
Drafted  UNIOGBIS “Security Sector Reform Survey and Impact Assessment Report”, long version (April 2014, 220 pages), final version (June 2014, 146 pages), final endorsement is pending, report is available on request.
FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Project Coordinator
TIME:     01-07/ 2013
Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst / Brot fuer die Welt, Berlin, Germany
Duties and accomplishments:
Coordination of final stage and closing of the German-Guinean (Volkswagen-Foundation, Bayreuth University, Germany and National Research Institute, Guinea-Bissau) collaborative research project “Violence and Local Strategies of Conflict Management in Guinea-Bissau” (2006-2014); consolidation of  research results and national capacity development against instable transition period of Guinea-Bissau after April 2012 military coup:
Related accomplishments:
Concluded supervision of two Guinean PhD theses as outcome of the project;
Secured timely progress of final project publication; coordination, article writing;
Prepared with international partners project closing conference.
FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  Senior Researcher, Project-Coordinator, Project-Manager at INEP
TIME:     03/2003 – 08/2012
Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst / Brot fuer die Welt, Berlin, Germandy
Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisa / INEP, Guinea-Bissau
Duties and accomplishments:
Contract grounded in the long term cooperation agreement between the German Evangelical Church Development Service (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst / Brot fuer die Welt) and the National Research Institute (INEP) of Guinea-Bissau to promote national capacity development of INEP as Guinean think tank, motor of national development policy, peace-building programs and socio-economic studies.
Provide technical assistance to INEP as project manager & coordinator, senior researcher in political science & anthropology with focus on political violence, peace-building and conflict solution; assist with the coordination of the National Historical Archives of Guinea-Bissau and the Public Library, both administered by INEP. 
Main accomplishments in five areas: 
a) Research: political violence, conflict solution, peace-building and state order, civil-military relationship, legal anthropology/  police & justice system in West Africa/ Guinea-Bissau;
b)         Project management, 
c)         Strategic planning and institution (re)-building in post-conflict country context,
d) National capacity development,
e)         Conferences & publications.
a) Research project: political violence, conflict solution, peace-building and SSR related issues in post-conflict societies:
Played leading role in the design, proposal-writing, programming, implementation, reporting and monitoring of the collaborative long-term research project “Violence and Local Strategies of Conflict Management in Guinea-Bissau” (2006-2014: cooperation between INEP  and the University of Bayreuth/ Germany, financed by the Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative of the German Volkswagen Foundation).
Conducted as coordinator & team leader of the project internationally recognized studies, including personnel research, on political order (alternative approaches to the “failed state” concept), violence, the military, local strategies of conflict resolution and peace building, the role of youth, problems of the security and justice sectors, civil-military relationship and other SSR related issues in Guinea-Bissau and West Africa. Research included prolonged field work with military, police and justice actors, also traditional justice, and targeted population in Guinea-Bissau. 
Published five scientific publications related to this research project in peer reviewed international journals and monographs (see publication list), gave more than ten key contributions to conferences, workshops and seminars linked to the project. 
b) Project Management:
Designed more than ten research, capacity development & cultural projects, including proposal writing, mobilization of ca.   1.5 million €. 
Raised the profile of INEP among donors and the international academic community by excellent strategic project planning, effective resource mobilization & budgeting and timely project implementation.  
Successfully coordinated and monitored programmatic and financial project management. 
Built up effective partnerships and cooperation between INEP and international donors (European Union, British Library, German Volkswagen Foundation, Portuguese Mario Soares Foundation) /scientific institutions / universities in Germany, Portugal, the US and Brazil. 
Demonstrated strong leadership skills in the work with different teams (research group, professional staff, technical personal) in multicultural and multidisciplinary contexts; covering the areas of recruitment, performance management, team work and training. 
c) Strategic Planning and Institution (re-)building:
Generated in close collaboration with INEP’s directive board strategic vision of INEP’s role as National Research Institute / think tank in post-conflict context of Guinea-Bissau, elaborated long-term plan for research programmes and scientific infrastructure (re)-building.
Developed and coordinated the rehabilitation and modernization of Guinea-Bissau´s “Public Library” (ca. 70.000 volumes) and “National Historical Archives” (ca. 4000 ml historical documents, XVIII-XX century), both integral parts of INEP. 
Achieved substantial progress in these scientific infrastructures (library and archives): six projects for rebuilding war-damaged infrastructures, heritage preservation /endangered archives, library equipment, book donatives and cultural activities programs.
d) National Capacity Development:
Ensured development of academic capacities of INEP researchers (nine researchers = 70%) by special assistance to the M.A.and PhD candidates and supervision of academic theses in collaboration with Bayreuth University, Germany, and Portuguese universities. 
Improved substantially academic learning at INEP; teaching post-graduate courses in legal & political anthropology, field work methods, academic writing skills (Master & PhD level, 2007-2011).
Translated  teaching manuals (project management, national budget, public administration finances) from French to Portuguese for ENA (National Administration & Business School, Bissau), in the frame of the Programme  PECA (UNDP-Bissau / African Development Bank); a total of nine hundred pages.
Conceived and implemented training courses to enhance technical skills of INEP’s archivists and librarians in: general archive administration, electronic archives, scanning & data interpretation, use of virtual libraries and Internet databanks. 
e) Conferences & Publications:
Conceived and organized international conferences, workshops and public discussion / information events for INEP (more than ten), aiming at knowledge transfer, dissemination of research results and exchange with national counterparts, mainly in the area of conflict resolution and peace-building.
Edited some INEP publications, drafted INEP annual reports in English, managed website (www.inep-bissau.org) until 07/2012.
FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  Senior Researcher, Project-Manager
TIME:     10/1996 – 10/2001
German Orient Institute, Beirut, Lebanon
Senior Researcher and project-manager, research & cultural networking with institutions in Lebanon and the Near East, scientific publication service, alternative deputy director. 
Pro-actively shared the conception, organization and implementation of scientific projects and conferences of the German Orient Institute in Beirut, in the fields of Arabic culture, literature and politics, particularly on political violence & reconciliation in Lebanon, including allocation of funds.
Edited scientific publications of the institute, including scientific reading, author support and print supervision.
Achieved excellent results in personal post-doctoral research, published in Arabic (1997) and English (1999) first results.
Enhanced expertise in scientific networking and broader cultural partnership building with Lebanese and other university partners, literates, intellectuals.
Gained leadership experience as alternative deputy director of the Institute with a variety of responsibilities.
Was awarded a two year post-doctoral scholarship by the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft) to conclude  research on “Political Violence and the City of Beirut in Modern Arabic Literature”, focusing on the Lebanese Civil War and its aftermath (1974-1995).  Publications in English and Arabic, full publication list available on request. 
FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  Researcher & Lecturer at the Free University of Berlin
TIME:     05/1992 – 08/1996
Institute for Arabic and Semitic Studies
Free University of Berlin / Freie Universitaet Berlin
Main researcher in a project on Palestinian cultural affirmation, lecturer of undergraduate courses in Modern Arabic Literature and Culture. 
Played a key role in methodological conception of the project, field research with intensive travelling to the Near East, network building, analysis of Modern Arabic Poetry, drafting and publication of research results.
Gained profound experience as lecturer of Modern Arabic Literature at the Free University of Berlin, focusing on the neglected field of Palestinian literature
Significant publications and special recognitions:
2016, in print, “O INEP e os desafios da pesquisa (fundamental)” and “O INEP desempenha um papel principal na salvaguarda de património histórico e cultural do povo Guineense”, in Soronda Especial, 30 anos do INEP 1984-2014, Bissau: INEP & INACEP.
2016, submitted for publication, “From Cabral’s liberation movement to the abyss of power struggle and ideological erosion: The Decline of the PAIGC in Guinea-Bissau”, Uppsala University: Centre of African Studies.
2012, “Civil-Military Relations and Political Order in Guinea-Bissau”, Journal of Modern African Studies, 50.2, Cambridge University Press, pp. 253-281.
2011, with Georg Klute, “Introduction: Violence and Local Modes of Conflict Resolution in Heterarchical Figurations”, in: Georg Klute & Birgit Embaló (eds.), The Problem of Violence. Local Conflict Settlement in Contemporary Africa, Koeln: Koeppe-Verlag, pp. 1-28, ISBN 978-3-89645-891-9.
2011, “Bairro Militar (Bissau): A Hot Spot of Urban Violence? Challenges of Local Conflict Resolution in Guinea-Bissau”, in: Georg Klute & Birgit Embaló (eds.), The Problem of Violence. Local Conflict Settlement in Contemporary Africa.
2009, with Idrissa Embaló, “Conflict prevention and peace-building in Guinea-Bissau. Research programmes of INEP, Bissau”, in Flaubert Djateng, Christiane Kayser, Marie José Mavinga, EED, Service Civile pour la Paix (eds.) Notre contribution à la Paix: une mosaique d’actions complémentaires, EED: Kinshasa, Bafoussam, Berlin, pp. 53-61.
2008, “Local Conflict Management and the State in Bissau: A Case Study in Three City Quarters”, Soronda Especial Local Experiences of Conflict Management, Bissau, December 2008, pp. 175-211.
2008, with Idrissa Embaló, “The university and research landscape in Lusophone Guinea-Bissau. From colonial neglect and political patronage to the challenges of national development and international cooperation” in  Eike W. Schamp & Stefan Schmid (eds.), Academic cooperation with Africa. Lessons for partnership in higher education, Münster/Germany: LIT: pp. 111-154,  ISBN 978-3-8258-1377-2.
2006, with Georg Klute & Idrissa Embaló: “Local Strategies of Conflict Resolution in Guinea-Bissau. A Project Proposal in Legal Anthropoloy”, Recht in Afrika – Law in Africa – Droit en Afrique 2/2006, Koeln/Germany,  pp. 253-272, ISBN-13: 978-3-89645-344-0. 
2000, (PhD Thesis), Palaestinenser im arabischen Roman (The Palestinians in Contemporary Arabic Literature), Wiesbaden / Germany, 467pp., ISBN 3-89500-190-2
2010, "Merit Certificate of The National Research Institute of Guinea-Bissau", received for excellent performance and prestigious collaboration as development expert at the Institute (2003-2012).


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